Financial technology

Over the past few years, financial technology (FinTech) became part of the life of every entrepreneur and fundamentally changed their understanding of banking services and payment systems. Today it is not enough to have one account even in the most reliable and stable bank, it is impossible to use a single payment system or trust a single financial institution.

Nevertheless, modern technologies provide an opportunity to improve the financial activities of the company, to make it more accessible and flexible by attracting new, alternative methods of settlement and payments. This is especially true for the high-risk business, in which there is always the possibility that a particular credit institution, having changed the internal rules for working with clients, will unexpectedly close the company’s current account or refuse to conduct a transaction.

The VigoLex team keeps up to date. Our specialists constantly broaden their knowledge and deepen their experience in cryptocurrency, electronic money, and various payment systems (Epayments, Paysera, LeoPay, myPOS, Bilderlings, CardPay, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Payoneer, Credorax, Concardis, Worldline, Wirecard, BS Payone, etc.). Today they are ready to help the client understand new payment systems and choose the most appropriate payment solution for a particular area of ​​a high-risk business.

In addition, the VigoLex specialists will help to pass compliance checks to both companies and ultimate beneficiaries (UBO) when opening bank accounts and connecting to payment systems.

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