Contract with the national health service

General provisions on the contract

On April 25, 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted the resolutions allowing the launch of the next stage of health care reform, according to which the National Health Service must conclude agreements on medical services for the population with communal health care institutions that provide primary health care within a separate administrative-territorial unit.

With it, it should be noted that:

  • It is possible to conclude an agreement with the NHSU only with one budget: if at least one institution does not have time or does not want to conclude an agreement, then no institution concludes.
  • in order to sign an agreement with the NHSU, you need to have a valid license to practice medicine in the specialties of therapy/pediatrics/general practice – family medicine.

At the same time, in 2021, the NHSU announced the conclusion of contracts for the following packages:

  • vaccination against COVID-19;
  • primary health care;
  • emergency health care;
  • medical rehabilitation;

Method of applications submission for the contract conclusion

The applicant submits the application and annexes to the application to the NHSU in electronic form, in accordance with the forms defined below (hereinafter referred to as the Application and the Annexes). The application and the annexes are submitted in electronic form in one file in the .doc or .docx format with an imposed electronic digital signature (hereinafter referred to as the EDS). The file name should contain only the EDRPOU code (or RNUKPN – for PE) of the applicant. The application and the annexes are submitted by e-mail to the email address [email protected]. The subject of the letter must contain the word “Application”, the EDRPOU code (or RNUKPN – for PE) and the abbreviated name (or the surname and initials of the PE) of the applicant.

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Conditions for concluding an agreement with the NHSU

If the institution decides to conclude an agreement with the National Health Service of Ukraine, then for this it is necessary:

  • to have a license to conduct business in medical practice, other permits provided by law;
  • to have the material and technical base necessary for the provision of medical services under the contract that meets the requirements of industry standards in the healthcare field, approximate tables of material and technical equipment approved by the Ministry of Health;
  • to create conditions for medical care and free access to buildings and premises of an enterprise that provides medical services to persons with disabilities and other low-mobility groups of the population;
  • to register the supplier as a legal entity (except for a state or municipal institution) or as a private entrepreneur;
  • to comply with the criteria established in the Procedure for the use of funds of the relevant budget program, in pursuance of which you conclude an agreement on medical services for the population.
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