Accounting and tax reporting

The normal performance of any company depends on the organization level of various processes, primarily management processes. However, the success of the business as a whole depends on the coherence and accuracy of the financial and accounting services.

That is not a secret that today one of the most common forms of operation of Ukrainian and foreign IT companies is the conclusion of services agreements or performance agreements with IT specialists (private entrepreneurs). In this case, PE’s incomes are paid in the form of remuneration received on the basis of civil law contracts. Accordingly, the PE is obliged to independently maintain accounting records, complete and file tax returns. This process is unpleasant and very expensive in terms of time and nerves.

VigoLex experts believe that everyone is an expert in their field, and then why should a programmer, project manager or architect spend their time on performing functions that are irrelevant to them?

The VigoLex team understands the needs of IT companies and can provide comprehensive accounting services for IT professionals (PE), which will also include the provision of all necessary reporting and payment of taxes. This will release IT professionals from routine duties and provide them with more opportunities for full-fledged creative work in the field of information technology development.


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