Accounting and tax reporting

The normal operation of any company depends on the level of various processes organization. First of all, management, but the business success on the whole also depends on the consistency and accuracy of the financial and accounting service operation.

It is no secret that today one of the most common forms of operation of Ukrainian and foreign IT companies is the contracts conclusion with IT specialists (Private Entrepreneurs) on services provision or works execution. In this case, the incomes of a Private Entrepreneur are paid in the form of remuneration received on the basis of civil law contracts. Accordingly, a Private Entrepreneur is obliged to independently maintain accounting records, fill out and submit tax accounts, which is an unpleasant and very costly process in terms of time and nerves.

In addition, the submission of incorrect tax accounts results in the cancellation of the single tax payer certificate with further additional penalties and transfer of the private entrepreneur to the general taxation system.

VigoLex specialists believe that everyone is a specialist in their field, which means why a programmer, project manager or architect should spend their time on performing functions that are unusual for him or her?

VigoLex team understands the needs of IT companies and can provide comprehensive accounting services for IT specialists (Private Entrepreneurs), which will also include filing all necessary reports and paying taxes. This, in turn, will free IT specialists from routine duties and give them more opportunities for full-fledged creative work in the field of information technologies development.

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