Real estate

Legal services related to real estate may have multiple aspects. Starting with ordinary office lease deals and up to the most complicated issues related to acquisition of land and potentially encumbered objects of real estate – in any case legal assistance is essential.

The peculiarities of dealing with real estate are its high value and the intricacy of rights enforcement documentation, therefore, any legal inaccuracy may become very expensive

VigoLex guidelines to deals with real estate

 Rule No. 1 – each case is individual

VigoLex does not offer clients boilerplate solutions, but analyses the requirements of the transaction parties, the legal and economic grounds of the transaction, as well as the possible risks of its closure for the client. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive solution for a specific client’s case.

Rule No. 2 – fullcycle service

VigoLex does not provide narrow-profile services, for example, only the analysis of contracts related to real estate. Instead, VigoLex renders clients with turnkey real estate legal services, starting with the setting up a legal strategy and a transaction outlines and ending with execution of necessary documentation and legal support of the client’s negotiations with the counterparty.

Rule No. 3 – effective client communication

Legal support of real estate transactions requires constant communication between lawyers and the client. Therefore, VigoLex provides the client with legal assistance 24/7 and is always ready to reply all inquiries.

VigoLex team has extensive experience in drafting documentation, conducting legal audits and rendering legal support of entering contracts within the framework of real estate transactions.


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