Licensing of medical rooms

What license is needed for a medical room

For the legal operation of the medical room, first of all, it is necessary to obtain a license to carry out medical practice. At the same time, it is important to understand that medical activity includes not only obvious medical manipulations, but also some cosmetic procedures. Therefore, before opening a medical room, it is necessary to determine what type of medical practice will be relevant (therapist, urologist, oncologist, etc.), and then indicate this type of practice in the application for obtaining a license from the MPH (the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine).

Opening of medical rooms in schools and institutions

Medical rooms of schools and kindergartens are the most important part of these educational institutions, since it is here that systematic medical care for children takes place, as well as vaccination, tuberculin diagnostics, as well as first aid.

The premise for medical care in general educational institutions must be equipped in accordance with the regulations established by the “List of equipping the medical room of a preschool educational institution”, approved by Order of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on August 30, 2005 No. 432/496. The equipment of a medical room at a school is almost the same as a pediatric room in a polyclinic, it shall include:

– Furniture:

  • table;
  • chair of the health worker;
  • couch;
  • screen;
  • medical cabinet;
  • first aid kit hinged;

– Special equipment for determining the level of physical development:

  • scales;
  • stadiometer;
  • centimeter tape;
  • manual dynamometer;
  • spirometer;

– To assess the functional state:

  • tonometer;
  • thermometer;
  • stethoscope;
  • stopwatch;
  • table for determining visual acuity.

According to the Labor Code of Ukraine (the LC), the employer is obliged to take care of the medical care of employees.

Thus, the enterprise should have a first-aid post that can work in the form of a medical room, equipped in the territory of the enterprise by an individual entrepreneur (IE) who carries out medical practice on the basis of a license. At the same time, the employees of the medical room, in this case, work on the basis of civil law contracts with the IE, and not the enterprise in the territory of which the medical room is located. Accordingly, the IE provides medical care on the basis of a contract for services provision with the enterprise.


The basic requirements for the premises of the medical roome will differ depending on the type of medical practice specified in the license. At the same time, the basic requirements for the medical room are:

  • the premise does not belong to the housing stock;
  • the 1st or the 2nd floor;
  • the minimum area of the medical room is 12 sq.m.
  • availability of a bathroom and water supply;
  • ventilation of the room;
  • proper lighting;
  • availability of documentary evidence of ownership or lease agreement for the premises of the medical room.

Also, the minimum medical furniture for any room is required: a table, a chair and a wardrobe. Specialized equipment and tools for each room are their own, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine No. 739.

Documents and deadlines

To obtain a medical license for a medical room, you must provide:

  • Application for a license;
  • Information about the available staff, indicating the qualification level and education;
  • Information about the state of the material and technical base;
  • List of documents attached to the application.

At the same time, the documents can be submitted in any convenient form: electronic, in writing via mail, as well as in person, through the “Single Window” in Smolenskaya St., 10, in Kiev city.


The cost of opening a medical room, in addition to the cost of renting premises and covering utility costs, includes the administrative fee in the amount of one living wage for capable persons at the time of issuance of a license for medical practice.

As of October 2021, the amount of one living wage for capable persons is 2379 hryvnas. This fee is paid within 10 days after the decision of the commission of the Ministry of Public Health on the granting of a medical license.

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