IT specialist

  1. To protect the intellectual property object he or she created
  • TM registration
  • Software registration
  • Design registration, patents, etc.
  • Free use of content
  • Licenses types
  • Protection of intellectual property rights in court

2. To conclude the contract with customer:

  1. Adjust labor relations
  • Labor contract
  • Contract with PE
  • Registration and accounting of PE’s activities
  • Issues of dismissal
  • Issue of recognition of the contract with PE as labor (for compliance with social guarantees)
  • Regulations on trade secrets and non-competition
  • Coworking and workplace rental
  1. To become resident of Diya City
  2. To legalize in the territory of Ukraine (is he is nonresident)
  • Obtaining the TIN (taxpayer’s identification number)
  • Obtaining a work permit
  • Obtaining a temporary residence permit
  • Obtaining a permanent residence permit
  • Advising on taxation and accounting
  • Business organization advising
  • Consultative clarification of the legislation of Ukraine
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