Entertainment and Gambling Industry

Perhaps the entertainment and gambling industry has never been as popular in the world as it is today. Hundreds of thousands of companies from different countries are engaged in this area in order to obtain excessive profits. Hundreds of millions of people are ready to spend time and money every day to get new impressions, adrenalin to earn money on the game. In many countries of the world, as in Ukraine, gambling is prohibited by law, but there are a large number of jurisdictions where the gambling business is not only allowed, but also supported at the state level.

VigoLex was able to bring together professionals with unique experience in various types of gambling in casinos, slot machines, computer simulations, bookmakers, online casinos and electronic casinos in countries where this is permitted by law (the UK, Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, Macau, etc.). They know how and where jurisdictions can get B2B, B2C permission or license to carry out this or that type of gambling business as quickly as possible. They remain regular participants in international exhibitions held in different countries of Europe and Asia and also have some partners in relevant jurisdictions.

VigoLex specialists understand the specifics of gambling and are ready to help the client to commence activities in the entertainment industry, or vice versa, to optimize and structure the existing gambling business. They are aware that this is a high-risk area and it is associated with a number of legislative restrictions and conditions, so they can professionally help the client to pass compliance checks of the final beneficiaries and due diligence of the respective companies.

VigoLex is a conscious Company that respects and complies with legal restrictions aimed at combating addiction – gambling addiction. Therefore, we are ready to refuse the client, if we understand that his actions may violate the relevant standards, or could be aimed at attracting minors or other categories of people who are forbidden to play for money in the gambling industry.


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