Rights registration to land plots

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A land plot is always a good asset both for business purposes and for personal use. VigoLex offers to consider what algorithm of actions should be followed in order to correctly obtain and register the rights to a land plot.

Step No. 1. Obtain permission to develop a land management project

The land management project for a land plot allocation is the most important step in the process of rights registration to a land plot. Depending on where your land plot is territorially located, in order to obtain permission to develop a land management project, you need to contact:

  • village/city council;OR
  • district state administration;OR
  • regional department of State Land Agency, if the land plot belongs to agricultural lands and is located outside the settlement.

To obtain a land management project, it is necessary to submit the list of documents and information that is provided for by the current legislation.

Step No. 2: Preparation and approval of a land management project

After you obtain permission for manufacturing a land management project, you need to contact a certified specialist in order for them to develop and agree on a land management project with you.

Having obtained the finished project, you will need to agree on it in:

  • local administration of State Land Agency;and
  • local department of architecture and urban planning.

In some individual cases, it is likely that you will need to agree on this project also with other authorities, for example, the cultural heritage protection authority.

Step No. 3. Obtaining a cadastral number

To do this, you need to register a land plot with the State Land Cadastre. To do this, submit to the cadastral registrar:

  • the relevant application;
  • the agreed and approved land management project;and
  • the XML-file for a plot with the information about the boundaries, area, purpose, land plot owner, as well as the adjacent plots and their owners.

The result of the first stage should be obtaining the cadastral number of the land plot.

Step No. 4. Preparation of the package of documents for rights registration to a land plot

To register the ownership of a land plot, you need to submit the following package of documents to CNAP:

  • the extract (record) from the State Land Cadastre;
  • the copy and original of the applicant’s passport;
  • the copy and original of identification number;
  • the confirmation of the administrative fee payment (220 UAH at the moment of this article writing);
  • the document that confirms your rights to the plot, for example, the contract of purchase and sale, the inheritance certificate, etc.

Step No. 5. Registration of ownership of a land plot

Your application for rights registration to a land plot is considered by the registrar within 5 working days. Based on the results of the application consideration, the registrar’s decision is placed on the website of Ministry of Justice.

To confirm the registration of your rights to a plot, you can obtain the extract from the register – the certificate of ownership of a plot has not been issued since 2016.

It should also be noted that in practice, an application consideration by the registrar may take longer than 5 days. After registering your right to a land plot and reflecting the fact of registration in the State Register of Rights to Real Estate, you become the rightful owner of the land plot.

VigoLex team will be happy to provide you with legal assistance and help you register the ownership of your land plot.

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