Related services

Any business, along with the major issues directly related to its activities and interests, inevitably faces a number of “related” problems. IT business and gambling are no exception. These areas have many “unexpected” legal collisions.

VigoLex is ready to provide comprehensive support to high-risk businesses, namely, in searching for premises for the company office, recruitment of personnel, buying equipment, accounting for private entrepreneurs.

A separate direction that the VigoLex team is ready to take over is dealing with public figures (PEPs) and their families, as quite often the mere fact of holding the position included in the corruption-related list significantly complicates the conduct of business for their family members and others. Understanding the nature of this category of clients, VigoLex can effectively assist in the compliance process of PEP family members when opening bank accounts, opening companies, and presenting financial reports.

VigoLex provides related services in the following areas:

  • accounting and tax reporting for individual IT specialists (PEs);
  • searching for premises for the IT company office;
  • searching for coworking premises to accommodate individual IT professionals;
  • lease agreement preparation, purchase and sale of real estate for office placement;
  • lease of premises in coworking;
  • recruitment counseling;
  • assistance in the legal registration of the work of IT specialists;
  • development of trademarks, logos, and other marks for goods of works, services;
  • assisting with the compliance audits of PEP family members when opening bank accounts, opening companies, and presenting financial reports;
  • helping to remove inaccurate information about PEPs and their family members from the Internet;
  • preparation and filing defamation lawsuits (refutation of false information that degrades honor, dignity and damages business reputation).

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