Protection in social networks

Social networks became not only an effective mean of communication, but also replaced a range of other services: the information resources, public media, television, tutorship – we access all these services though information on social networks, and not as in the past.

Together with expansion of social networks, scope also their influence on our life extended. Within the social networks or through their means misdemeanors and even felonies are planned, discoursed, prepared and committed

VigoLex describes the most widespread cases of the afore and about how it is possible to be protected from offenses as follows:


The concept of slander is rather new to the Ukrainian legal framework and each person’s right to honor and dignity is comprehensively stipulated in the Article 277 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. Several years ago, criminal responsibility could be incurred for slander. Nowadays, criminal liability for slander is abolished, but lawsuits for refutation of false information of individuals or members of their family remain the effective legislative mechanism of protection against slander on social networks.

Theft of information

Any activity on social networks is one way or the other related to transfer, dissemination, processing and storage of users’ personal data. Sometimes, such information is a subject to hackers’ criminal intents or of entities, which collect your information for the purpose of commercial benefit – ensnaring you in mass email lists, sales of your personal data, etc.

Hacking results in the criminal liability, and punishment for an illicit collecting or processing of personal data is stipulated by Article 188-39 of the Code of Ukraine about administrative violations.

In any case, VigoLex team knows how to ensure punishment of culprits, who stole your personal data.


Another novel concept for the Ukrainian legislation for which penance, nevertheless, is quite real. For actions of mental, physical, economic or sexual abuse on social networks, the penalty varies from 850 to 1700 UAH, or community services are enforced. If you or your child face bullying during study, at work or in any other collective, VigoLex team is ready to assist you with resolving such issue.

Theft of property

The concept of virtual property for some may sound as a fantasy, but for many it is objective reality. Among such property, it is possible to distinguish assets in online games – skins, inventory, achievements, etc., electronic money, cryptocurrency, documents etc. All aforementioned and other virtual property may become subject to theft and reclaiming should definitely be ensured.

Within the scope of criminal legislation, responsibility for both theft and hacking (without which theft of virtual property is not possible) is provided. The department Cyberpolice acts as a part of the National Police and is engaged in such category of felony, and VigoLex team provides legal guidance of process of rendering and consideration of your complaint by the police, prosecutor’s office and court.

Protection of intellectual property

Social networks became the platform for dissemination of works by writers, performers, artists, actors and other representatives of freethinking professions for ages. In turn, any results of such work are deemed intellectual property. It is often possible to encounter claims that work of an author is illegally used on some Internet platform, and the author can do nothing about it.

On social networks, your rights can be violated daily, and to you have either to cope with it or protect your rights. VigoLex, using its legal expertise, is eager to offer you a set of methods, starting with legal complaints of violation of the Terms of Use of the web-platform, even up to litigation – which shall assist you to protect your intellectual property.

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