Gambling / Gambling Law

Gambling is a high-risk activity related to the organization and conducting of gambling in casinos, on slot machines, computer simulators, bookmakers, and online casinos. Today, this type of business is among the most profitable ones in the world, attracting entrepreneurs from different countries.

In Ukraine, gambling has been banned for over 10 years, so there are virtually no qualified lawyers available at this time who could quickly and efficiently assist a client to start a gambling business in one or more areas, both online and offline.

At the same time, VigoLex has formed a unique team, each member of which has experience in the legal support of projects in various spheres of gambling in other countries where gambling is allowed by national legislation.

Our lawyers follow the latest trends in the field of gaming, and they are regular participants of specialized international conferences, seminars, and exhibitions (United Kingdom, Malta, Netherlands, Macau, Singapore, etc.). They understand the gaming industry and know the nuances of its regulation in different countries.

VigoLex offers a full range of legal services for gaming (in countries where gaming is permitted by national law):

  • helping you choose the most appropriate jurisdiction for gambling;
  • registration of companies involved in the field of gambling;
  • structuring and optimizing the existing gaming business;
  • legal support for online and offline casino activities;
  • legal support for online and offline bookmaker activities;
  • legal support for online and offline poker activities;
  • legal support for lotteries;
  • legal support for slot machines;
  • tax planning in the field of gambling;
  • legal support for M&A agreements;
  • due diligence and full compliance of companies;
  • personal data protection in accordance with GDPR;
  • assistance in obtaining the permits and licenses required for gambling in different jurisdictions (Malta, UK, Curacao, Sweden, etc.)
  • legal support in the sphere of cybersecurity, development of information security tactics;
  • training the staff of companies involved in the gambling business on how regulatory authorities perform inspections.

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